Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cell Tower Opponents Speak Out at Zoning Board Meeting

The monthly meetings of Bloomfield's Zoning Board rarely see more than a handfull of residents in attendance. On March 10, About 180 residents of Bloomfield and Glen Ridge braved the biggest rainstorm of the winter to voice their opposition to T-Mobile's application to install a 120ft cell tower at the intersection of Broad And Bay Streets. Since this was the first board meeting for most attendees, ZB President Ed Michalski and the Board attorney spent much of the 3 hour meeting explaining the process and answering questions from residents.

In center photo is Dr. Michael Basista who owns the Immedicenter medical facility next door -- and brought his own attorney. Lower photo shows flier passed out by a group called A dedicated Facebook page has also been set up to share updates on the issue. the It is now anticipated that at least 3 monthly meetings will be required to allow residents to question T-Mobile's experts and voice their concerns. The next meeting will be on April 14th.

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