Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back

Bloomfield's Bicentennial year started out with a focus on developments and redevelopments at the Planning Board and wound up with the dog days of August sparking a growing controversy over the fate of a dog named Memphis and the competence of our Board of Health. How many of these thumbnails can you connect to their relavent posts?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hacky Sack

Most of our local public officials have kept a low profile in the social media. Bloomfield's Board of Health officials keep an even lower profile by not even speaking at their own meetings.  I've repeatedly asked the Board for examples of public discussions on issues, since they always seem to come to unanimous votes on affirming proposals raised by their current director. I have yet to find any examples of discussion or dissension from this board.
One of the "silent majority" finally broke her silence last week with an angry attack on a councilman on his public Facebook page.
The diatribe had apparently been precipitated by a spammy comment posted by a hacker who hijacked his profile. As is customary with BOH members, no attempt was made to dig beneath the surface. Although her comments amount to much ado about nothing, they reflect a degree of contempt the BOH has expressed for our Town Council. Here is her comment without corrections in spelling or grammar:
Since I am not a "facebook" person, I just read what you posted dated in August, 2012, in December , 2012. Needless to say your comments are just as absurb and asinine as you and as this picture you are referring to that you saw on face book. I did try to paste the link that you posted but did not see whatever it is you are referring to. However, what I did read on that link was that it was linked to some kind of scam/virus and was getting and using picures off facebooks of individuals. With that being said, the next time you assume or make accussation about someone you should first get the "facts" which is also known as the "truth". Any ntelligenct person who knows me, would have saw whatever it is that you saw, and immediately know or knew that it was a scam and contacted me in outrage, not with a "hahaha ha" as you did. So, therefore, no I am not "Embarrased" and the joke is on you..HAHAHA" And I do expect an applogy from you for your preposterous comments....
Residents are reminded that there is still time to submit a resume for open seats on several town boards and committees -- including the BOH.  Current members may want to update their original resumes, since the town clerk's office reports that they've been destroyed.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Free Benefit for Sandy Victims Today

337 Belleville Ave, Bloomfield
The Bloomfield Human Services Division Neighbor to Neighbor Network Presents:
The Bloomfield HURRICANE SANDY, and others in need, Holiday Relief Benefit
                  Featuring :
BOBBY VALLI and his Jersey Dreams Show
The Bloomfield High School Madrigals Singers
Living Nativity Enactment
Live Animals for the kids
           SPECIAL GUEST
        MAYOR Raymond McCarthy
SATURDAY DECEMBER 22, 2012 , 2-5 pm
337 Belleville Ave---Bloomfield
Donations will be colleected by : The Bloomfield Human Services Divison for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Final BOH Meeting of Year May Bring Resolution of Memphis Issue

Please join your neighbors at this year's final Bloomfield Board of Health meeting - Thursday 12/20/12 6:30pm in the Bloomfield Law Building (next to the Municipal Building - 2nd floor.

We have heard that the BOH will be voting on Memphis and when he will be re-leased from his incarceration in South Dakota. We will likely find out if he will be released to Jeff and Diana Coltenback. However the vote goes, Bloomfield residents are urged to sign and share this petition to the mayor and council to stop the abuses by the Board of Health.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Open Letter to Bloomfield Parents from Superintendent Bing

A letter to parents/guardians from Superintendent Bing
December 14, 2012

Dear Parents/Guardians-

We were just informed of the tragedy at a Newtown Elementary School in Fairfield County, Connecticut. I want to assure you all that the Bloomfield Township Police and the school district work collaboratively to ensure the safety of our children and staff. All schools are under a 24/7 lockdown which requires visitors to be buzzed in electronically or checked in by security. Our Middle and High Schools each have a full time policeman in their building along with security guards.
Our elementary buildings utilize a video screening system and its doors are locked throughout the day. Our schools are also part of the routine patrols done by the Bloomfield Police every day.

All staff are trained in emergency drill procedures and practice those procedures monthly.

I ask that you keep the victims and families of this tragedy in your hearts. Our district will be holding a parent workshop on School Safety on Wednesday, January 30th in the BHS Media Center (7:00 pm). We will be presenting with the Bloomfield Police.

Please feel free to contact my office with any questions/concerns. I thank you.

Jason Bing
Superintendent of Schools

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No Parking

Monday's Town Council meeting opened with a presentation by the developers for the north eastern segment of Bloomfield's Downtown redevelopment projects. Located at the corner of Broad and Franklin streets, it extends the boundary of Bloomfield College by adding 234 dormitory units on top of a ground floor of retail storefronts.

No one from the neighborhood was present to comment on the issue, but several have made their feelings known on public forums in the past two days. The most articulate critic so far goes by the nickname of hrhppg. She began posting on Baristanet and extended her objections on the NJO Bloomfield forum. We've collected several of her comments here:

The town council has approved Bloomfield College to build 234 dorm suites with a total of 21 parking spaces because of those students "most are not expected to own cars." Suites usually hold 4 students so we are talking over 900 students in that one building. I live in that area and parking is already a nightmare when - and only when - school is in session. I am shocked at the ignorance of the town council on this issue.
How does this help our ratables if the college is exempt from taxes? How does this do anything but hurt the current residents, businesses and congestion of the area. I have no kids and spend money in the center everyday and I'm now looking to move after 20 years in the area over this mess. 
Now what about the addition of a few hundred cars parking on the street in that area ? To assume college kids won't have cars is ridiculous and even if it is a small percent - a small percent of 900 students is too much. And there is nothing the school could do to stop them as they would be parking on public streets. For a town building rental units screwing over the current tenants is bad business. And even people who commute into the city for work a large percentage will have a car for other purposes. 
This town council is either short sighted or getting some kind of payoff to make such stupid decisions. And for the records calling BC a college is like putting lipstick on a pig and calling it a debutant. I've taken classes there and the math department is a joke - to it's own math professors. The woman running that department can't do basic algebra, I know I've been in her class and still have the study guides she provided with their incorrect answers

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Time to Volunteer!

This is the time of the year to think about volunteering your time and making a difference to Bloomfield. For most Boards (except Planning and Zoning) the committment is minimal - a couple of hours per month. You do need to be a Bloomfield resident for most boards.
Positions are available on the following Boards:

Zoning Board
Division of Health (Board of Health)
Public Library
Youth Guidance Council
Historic District Review Board
Board of Recreation Planning Board
 Oakeside - Bloomfield Cultural Center
Beautification Committee
Open Space Trust Fund
Recycling Commission

If you would like to become a Board member please submit your resume to both the Town Clerk and the Town Council ASAP. E-mail addresses for submission can be found here. Don't forget to send your resume (including which board you are interested in) to the Mayor as well - some of the boards are appointed solely by him.