Monday, August 27, 2012

Memphis in His Cage (Video)

Pat Gilleran, who happens to be a long time member of Bloomfield's Open Space Board, suggested that Saturday might be a a good time to visit Bloomfield's Bukowski Animal Shelter and check up on the status of Memphis. After stating we wanted to check out the dogs, we were led into the large dog section by the Animal Control Officer.  Pat followed him to the right and I pointed my camera to the far left where Memphis was. He seemed glad to see us and can be seen through a gap in the gate rapidly wagging his tail. After less than 15 seconds,  I was stopped by the ACO who called in the shelter manager to inform me that I was breaking the rules against taking pictures.

I informed her that I had made many visits to the shelter this year in search of a cat and taken many photos without mention of said rule.
She insisted that she had never seen me before even though I had talked with her in her office several times, most recently when my wife and I spent half an hour with her filling out their lengthy application to adopt.
Pat commented on what followed:
I asked if we could see the cats - while we were in the cat room the ACO came back in a told is that F. Michael Fitzpatrick (Head of the Board of Health) had been called and we had to leave. I asked why I had to leave- the ACO said "he took a picture". I said "but I'm not him". I was told that I had to leave anyway. 
We walked out and looked for signs that said NO PHOTOGRAPHY in the main room and outside of the shelter. There were none. As we exited onto Hoover Ave. a cop car with blazing lights pulled into Bukowski Drive.  It was followed by two more - I didn't stick around to see if they turned into Bukowski Drive- but assume they did. Wowee- 3 cop cars because we visited the shelter. Wonder what crime I committed? I guess it's now illegal to visit the shelter....

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Patricia Gilleran said...

Great video Geoff and good reaction when the ACO and shelter manager rushed you and demsnded that you left.!