Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bloomfield Official Wins Suit Against Online Attackers

Insults and invective have been flying fast in furious over at the public forums at Most towns in Nj are given space to vent on these forums, but few have been as nasty as Bloomfield's forum has been -- especially leading up to elections. Under cover of anonymity, some posters have long felt they could attack public officials and volunteers by name without fear of attribution or retribution. Bloomfield's weekly Independent Press is breaking a story in Thursday's issue, about a successful lawsuit by former Board of Ed member, Nicholas Rizzitello, against two "John Doe" critics. Rizzitello was narrowly defeated in 2009 after being the subject of false allegations on the forum. Interestingly, both plaintiffs paid substantial out of court settlements to avoid revealing their identities.

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