Thursday, June 09, 2011

A New Look for Council Comments

Last night's Town Council meeting is worth checking out for several reasons: an extended update on Megan's Law by Christine Fay of the Essex County Prosecutor's Office. Fay noted that 10 registered sex offenders are currently registered in Bloomfield. Details of the locations of all "Tier 3" offenders can be accessed from the NJ State Police Internet registry for sex offenders at

Because of the length of Fay's presentation, the podium was moved so that she could face the the audience -- and the TV camera, so viewers of WBMA-TV were able to see the faces of all speakers at the podium for the first time. Not sure who should get credit for this move, but it's amazing that no one suggested it before now. Time will tell if this encourages or discourages residents to speak out at the future meetings. About 58 minutes into the meeting, Councilman Nick Joanow suggested that the Council make the new podium setup permanent when he was inexplicably gavelled down by the mayor who snapped: "We don't need that conversation -- allright we'll leave it there!." We had to wonder of this was an expression of lingering bitterness over Joanow's trouncing of his handpicked challenger the day before.

The town engineer gave a lucid explanation to former councilman Gary iacobacci (pictured) on how 2 specific Change Orders were evaluated.

Township officials reviewed a budget amendment that would have increased total appropriations and revenue from $69.9 million to $70 million. The vote was 3 to 3 on its adoption so the motion was tabled. Councilman Michael Venezia was not present at the meeting.

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