Monday, September 12, 2011

T-Mobile Still Undecided on Cell Tower Plan, But ZB May Force the Issue on Thursday

The attorney for T-Mobile, James Pryor, has again requested the Bloomfield Zoning Board carry T-Mobile’s application to build a 120-foot monopole on the corner of Broad Street and Bay Avenue for “one last time.”
In a letter to the board dated September 9, 2011, Pryor stated that T-Mobile is “still evaluating this site based on current circumstances,” and requested that the Board schedule a special meeting to address the application on either October 13 or October 20, 2011, as the regular Zoning Board meeting agenda on October 6 is already full. Applicants requesting a special meeting of the board are required to pay for the expense of the additional meeting.
T-Mobile will provide legal notice for whichever date is selected, and the applicant will be prepared to either provide testimony at the meeting or request dismissal of the application at that time. The letter also waived the time constraint on the board to act on the application to October 31.

However the leader of the neighborhood residents opposed to the tower spoke with the secretary of the Bloomfield Zoning Board to confirm the Baristanet report. She reaffirmed that that T-Mobile is required to appear this Thursday September 15, 2011 at 7:30pm Bloomfield Town Hall to let the Zoning Board know whether they choose to proceed with the application.

Tuesday 5:PM Update:
Bloomfield Zoning Board Attorney confirms that that Mr. Pryor, attorney for T-Mobile will not be at this meeting and that the letter sent to the Zoning Board on September 9 will be read into record. For a copy of this letter please email: The zoning board is voting this Thursday to either accept T-Mobile's adjournment or not.


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