Wednesday, November 09, 2011

One Party Rule Becomes the Rule

There were many reasons given for the inability of GOP candidates to stage a competitive campaign in Bloomfield. Certainly the changing demographics had a lot to do with it. Others have cited the well-oiled Democratic machine led by Democratic Committee leader Strumolo. Yet the most votes were garnered by anti-machine Democrat, Nick Joanow (at right) in the 2nd Ward -- Bloomfield's heaviest Republican stronghold,
On the NJ/Bloomfield Forum, NJPollwatcher reminded us of how it used to be:
The last "like" election was 1999...meaning similar in that there were no statewide or congressional elections and the top of the ticket was legislative. In 1999 the entire Dem ticket (Assembly, Freeholder and Council) was dominated by the Republican party. This was in part due to a popular Bloomfield candidate--Marion Crecco---being at the top of the ticket.
Now, Republicans in town are more than likely more heavily outnumbered in terms of registered/affiliated party voters.....

Concerning the current GOP, "ByeBye Bloomfield" summed it up the best:
But what happened here in Bloomfield was that our local republican candidates were full of national GOP ideas instead of their own. In addition they could distance themselves from some of the negative aspects of the mainstream conservative republican ideology, but instead they imbraced it. They should have been progressive republicans instead of conservative. Honestly they almost sounded like a Tea Party branch of the Republican Party and just did not see the issues as they were. None of them said anything about the millions of state aid cut by their protege governor. Or what can they do to get this aid back. Instead their solution to balance the sheet was to cut two departments by 5%. Next year when the state aid will be trimmed even more another 5 or 10% of cut would be made. This is not facing an issue but simply avoiding it just as unlimited bonding. Bloomfield GOP should have concentrated on local issues not politics.

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