Sunday, February 26, 2012

Volunteers Wanted

Just fiinished our first food run, delivering a week's worth of groceries from Montclair's Food Pantry to several of the hundred or so neediest Bloomfield families in the program.
Under Bloomfield's Health and Human Services Dept. Through the NTNN, Human Services collaborates with community organizations, local citizens and businesses to recruit volunteers who provide resident services not available through traditional programs. After the division conducts a home‐based assessment, volunteers are matched with residents in need to provide services such as minor home repair and maintenance, shopping, tutoring, visitation and transportation. NTNN also serves people whose lives are unexpectedly disrupted by hardship. The Network fills immediate gaps and then finds ways to bring long‐term resolution.

Next assignment is to visit with a Senior 3rd warder who just needs little company and assistance shpping on her own.

We encourage you to join the NTNN and assist your fellow residents in need, by
either donating your time, your assets, or both. Please contact Paula Peikes of
the Human Services Division at 973.680.4017 for more information or to see how
you can help.

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