Sunday, June 24, 2012

Special Planning Board Mtg Tuesday on 225 Belleville

You'd never know if from the vague language on the township's website, but there's a lot at stake at the extended series of special PB meetings to explore the application for over 332 units at the former Oakes Pond site at 225 Belleville Ave.  Many questions have yet to be answered regarding the viability of the project:

Why is the project only seeking approval for industrial standards of environmental health rather than residential standards?

Will there be any direct oversight by the DEP on the site remediation in view of recent EPA sanctions on negligent developers?

Should the town hire its own LSRP to supervise the project?

Could taxpayers be liable for failures in the remediation process or flood damage?

What will be the impact of hundreds of additional cars on Belleville Avenue traffic patterns?

UPDATE: On Monday morning, the Planning Board posted a revised agenda which spelled out some of the issues regarding the site remediation.
It also added this item regarding other developments waiting to be considered by the Board:
 "Proposal from Richard B. Reading Associates for an evaluation of proposed residential development throughout town."

Tuesday's meeting begins at 7PM in council chambers.

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