Friday, August 17, 2012

Bloomfield BOH Delays Final Decision on Memphis

I've been to meetings at the Civic Center on dozens of occasions but this one drew the biggest crowd yet.
Nearly 150 animal lovers came from all over NJ and beyond to plead the case for Memphis to be adopted by Jeff Coltenback.
Some drove for 2 hours and stood in the humid room for over 2 hours to make their feelings known. Jeff led the comments with a passionate plea to adopt Memphis. There were no microphones, so you could hear a pin drop as everyone strained to hear each speaker. Four cops were seen in both doorways presumably to defend the board members from the public. Among the speakers were
(photo), and Shelby Dwyer's best friend,  Joe Dwyer. Other than the 2 weekly papers and Baristanet, no other media were seen taking notes. I was one of the lucky few to get a seat so I waited until nearly all the standees had their turn:
I currently volunteer with Neighbor to Neighbor and consider it a wonderful program that many more towns should emulate. But an awful lot of the good that you've accomplished on the human side has been negated by your unforced errors on the animal side --- ironically because your people skills with your volunteers have been pathetic. 
My background has been in the media, but I don't think any media consultant would recommend your recent actions concerning volunteers an Memphis as a way to generate public support. In my humble opinion, you need mindful and DEDICATED volunteers more than you need mindlessly controllable volunteers. 
The Official Bukowski Shelter site follows your lead by censoring critical comments. It's not hard to see why the official Bukowski Shelter site has 641 followers while the uncensored "Save the Shelter" site -- which has become a refuge for exiled volunteers -- is now at 6,060. 
Here we are -- all pleading for the life a dog who is clearly obedient, loving, loved and well cared for by Jeff. This whole week long drama is totally unnecessary. Number 9 on your agenda? All these folks behind me have been standing for hours waiting your verdict. It's Loony Tunes! You're supposed to be a health panel, not a death panel. Vote for Life!


Mauigirl said...

Well said, Geoff.

Mauigirl said...

By the way, I was going to see if B'net wanted to publish something about last night but got too caught up in the emotion and did not submit anything. However,I intend to talk to them about doing a feature about the whole thing in the near future.