Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hacky Sack

Most of our local public officials have kept a low profile in the social media. Bloomfield's Board of Health officials keep an even lower profile by not even speaking at their own meetings.  I've repeatedly asked the Board for examples of public discussions on issues, since they always seem to come to unanimous votes on affirming proposals raised by their current director. I have yet to find any examples of discussion or dissension from this board.
One of the "silent majority" finally broke her silence last week with an angry attack on a councilman on his public Facebook page.
The diatribe had apparently been precipitated by a spammy comment posted by a hacker who hijacked his profile. As is customary with BOH members, no attempt was made to dig beneath the surface. Although her comments amount to much ado about nothing, they reflect a degree of contempt the BOH has expressed for our Town Council. Here is her comment without corrections in spelling or grammar:
Since I am not a "facebook" person, I just read what you posted dated in August, 2012, in December , 2012. Needless to say your comments are just as absurb and asinine as you and as this picture you are referring to that you saw on face book. I did try to paste the link that you posted but did not see whatever it is you are referring to. However, what I did read on that link was that it was linked to some kind of scam/virus and was getting and using picures off facebooks of individuals. With that being said, the next time you assume or make accussation about someone you should first get the "facts" which is also known as the "truth". Any ntelligenct person who knows me, would have saw whatever it is that you saw, and immediately know or knew that it was a scam and contacted me in outrage, not with a "hahaha ha" as you did. So, therefore, no I am not "Embarrased" and the joke is on you..HAHAHA" And I do expect an applogy from you for your preposterous comments....
Residents are reminded that there is still time to submit a resume for open seats on several town boards and committees -- including the BOH.  Current members may want to update their original resumes, since the town clerk's office reports that they've been destroyed.

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