Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Below the Bone

Is this the future of education in Bloomfield?
At Tuesday night's meeting, Bloomfield's Board of Education reluctantly approved a 2013 budget that reduced the teaching staff of the school system by 20% or 86 teachers. The vote for the budget was 7-2 with Board members Catzel Bumpus and Robert DeMarino voting no. Extended online discussions of issues raised by the school budget shortfall are currently taking place on local facebook forums and the previously dormant NJO Bloomfield forum.

Two budged proposals are expected to be added to November ballot. The first asks voters if they to pay $2,730,000 to restore 42 teaching jobs. The second proposes a tax increase of $594,000 to repair and upgrade school facilities.

The complete video coverage of the BOE Budget meting can be viewed here,

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