Monday, June 24, 2013

Memphis Blues in South Dakota

Besides being a safe haven for banks and credit card companies, South Dakota has become notorious for having the most tolerant attitude toward animal abuse in the country. According to the ASPCA, it's the only state with no felony statutes for the prosecution of serious cases of cruelty.

The state also has a long history of breaking up Native American tribal families by taking their children away from parents for adoption by white families.

 Could this notoriety have led Lore to exile Memphis there? Her refusal to provide details on the "retraining" of Memphis has led to all kinds of public speculation as to the dog's current condition.
Some were expecting him to appear in a dramatic doggie dance on America's Got Talent. Others are predicting he will perform an the annual Sturgis SD biker rally this summer.

Although the township has taken over control of the shelter since March, the Town Administrator has continued NtNN's policy of not answering questions or providing updates.

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