Thursday, August 01, 2013

Unhappy Anniversary

"I've saved quite a few dogs from shelter life. Well, one year ago today, I took one back to the shelter at the order of the Municipality because I let the dog take treats from my friend's children. It was the worst ride I ever took with a dog... it haunts me every day of my life. And, it will continue to haunt me. Maybe one day he will be returned to us and I can move on. But, i will never, ever do that again....regardless of the consequences..."Jeff Coltenback    
The unfairness of the Memphis affair has continued to drive media updates and comments on websites and internet forums for a full year now. Here are a few of today's comments from Jeff's Facebook page: 
Michele Putyrske Chapman It's just ridiculous already... What a bunch of evil people.... All I can hope is KARMA will get them all! 
Michele Napolitano-Meyer This whole thing is so stupid. I feel like calling there and telling them what I think, but I won't because it won't do any good for the poor dog. 
Kelly Boston Where do u live how can they make u bring him in for taking treats from a child's hand wtf. Ugh so sorry did they say u can at some point get him back ? Sorry don't no the whole story.--Jennifer Sandlin Shepler Every time I see a post from you I take a deep breath and hope its about your baby coming home! Truly heartbreaking and I am so very sorry he isn't home yet 
-- Jean Hamilton They did you wrong and they need to be made to confess and make it right. - 
- Arlene Rowan Ott May We live in an awful MEAN town!!! I wish I lived somewhere else!! Like the mid west! I should have left this mean spirited town years ago!! 
-- Charmain Missy Krukiel Man I am just heart broken!!! It is always right to do right! Why can't they just do right!!! COME HOME MEMPHIS... 
-- Pauline West This makes me cry look at them loving on each other Memphis deserves to be home with his family 
-- Gill Ham Seriously time to start looking at lawsuits against individuals and the city again.... you kept your side of the deal. 
-- Paula Garrison Lazaro Beautiful picture as all the others of Memphis and you . Have you heard anything? Why did he go so far away for rehabilitation? Is it you they have a problem with ? Just doesn't make sense and pray he's happy.You may never get him hope he's healthy,happy and peaceful. Please update if you've heard anything. Don't give up in your heart. Life is so unfair and cruel. Memphis and you had true love and affection and God willing Memphis will be sent back to you , this I pray, Love ya,Paula 
--Bea James ForLennox This is just so very wrong.. and heartbreaking. After a year still no resolution. Keeping you and Memphis in my thoughts and prayers.. xx -
Susan Marit Time for some disclosure Bloomfield. Where is Memphis? Why is it taking so long for this so called trainer to rehab Memphis When Michael Vicks fighting dogs took so little time to rehab and adopt out? Does this so called trainer have any credentials at all? We ALL want answers BLOOMFIELD!!!!!!

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