Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Rules for Wednesday

The Bloomfield Neighborhood Association Committee today announced some major changes to its rules for asking questions of council and mayoral candidates at Wednesday's upcoming 2013 Bloomfield Town Council Candidates' Forum.

The event will be held once again at the Van Fossen Ampitheater at Bloomfield College's Westminster Hall, beginning at 7:PM.

In order to allow time for the maximum number of audience questions and responses, only one advance question will be given for each candidate to respond to, and ALL audience questions will be submitted to the moderator on cards. The can be directed to any or all candidates. All questions will be asked if time permits. the only restrictions will be on personal attacks, non-Bloomfield issues, and duplication. The questions will be anonymous so anyone can ask more than one question.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for the following tasks!
• Solicit donations of bottled water and finger food (snacks/dessert) for reception from Shop Rite, Stop ‘n Shop, etc. Gift cards also OK.
• Set up tables/place cards, etc. on night of event
• Greet people at the door/man the table with programs and other information
• Aisle runners to pass out and collect index cards for question
 Set up food/beverages at reception
• Clean up.
If you can volunteer, please contact Doreen Sarcone on Facebook. Please PM her if you need more information.

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