Monday, September 15, 2014

New Green Space for the Third Ward?

With the purchase of Heartbreakers, our new Mayor and Town Council have demonstrated a willingness to take dramatic steps to transform problematic properties into assets for this township.

It was followed soon after by a creative 30 year bond proposal to purchase the former Scientific Glass site for use as active and passive recreation space. Councilmen Lopez and Bernard justified their dissents on the Liongate site, in part, by comments that stoked up a south end vs north end debate on Facebook forums. Updated reports on contamination at Felton Field have also fueled the debates on the need for more usable open space in the Third Ward.

Most recently, Clinton residents of Watsessing Heights have begun a movement to turn a blighted property located off Clinton St. into potential green space. Tonight"s Town Council meeting has reportedly added the possibility of purchasing the site for discussion in Closed Session. Also on the town's wish list are historical landmarks that have recently come onto the residential real estate market such as this one on the Clifton border.,

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