Monday, April 11, 2011

April Showers on Bloomfield Politics

Tonight's Conference Meeting of Bloomfield's Council has several controversial agenda items.
It;s scheduled for 7PM for the Mayor's Conference room, but expect it to move the the main Council room if there's a large turnout -- as has become the rule in recent months.

This year's budget is in the final stages of discussion.
Last weeks tabled cuts to the Open Space Fund is expected to be resubmitted.
Will there be changes?
A tax abatement is being finalized for the massive Oak's Pond/225 Belleville Condo project. Is anybody buying?
A new affordable housing ordinance is being proposed.
Is funding for the Board of Health and Animal Shelter still in jeopardy.

Finally, the "top secret" issue of Watsessing's Methadone clinic will be one of many issues saved for closed session -- although unanswered question's are likely to to be raised during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Tonight is also the deadline for applications for candidates to town and county offices this year. Rumors abound on the local Democratic Committee running candidates to oppose incumbent ward Democrats Nick Joanow, Janice Maly, and Robert Ruane.
The Mayor may even throw his hat into the County Freeholder race.

Thursday's Zoning Board meeting will continue to see and hear the proposed Ban/Broad cell tower issue unfold.

All 3 incumbent Democrats will have Dem. Com. sponsored opponents:
Ward 1: -Elias Chalet
Ward 2: -Paul Halligan
Ward 3: - Carlos Bernard
Stay tuned...

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Susana said...

My understanding is that the Mayor may run for Assembly. There are too many candidates for Caputo's former Freeholder seat.