Friday, April 15, 2011

Mapping T-Mobile in Bloomfield

Last night's Zoning Board Meeting introduced T-Mobile's RF Expert, Joseph Minio, who used a battery of GIS Maps(click on map to enlarge) and overlays to show the need for atan additional tower Broad and Bay Streets . My favorite punchline came in response to a resident's comment that T-Mobile's website map suggests great reception for the area in question. Medio's response was essentially that their website was designed to promote their service to consumers or as Steve Colbert might have tweeted: #notintendedtobefactual, The pink area in the map indicates weaker cell reception.
An excellent summary of the evening's highlights can be found on Baristanet. In the comments section, Pat Gilleran, from Bloomfield's Open Space Fund, echoes the Town Administrator's suggestion that an alternative site might be found on Liongate. If it has to go anywhere, this may be the best alternative. At least two more meetings will be needed to address this issue.

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