Thursday, May 26, 2011

Candidates' Forum for Dems

The forum, sponsored by the Bloomfield Neighborhood Association Committee, had about 70 residents in attendance. It was moderated by Michelle Bobrow from the League of Women Voters of New Jersey.
There were spirited mini debates between 2nd Ward challenger Paul Halligan and Incumbent Nick Joanow. Halligan positioned himself as an anti-tax candidate while Joanow emphasized his 24/7 accessibility to residents. Many of Incumbent Robert Ruane's comments appeared to be directed less to his young challenger, Carlos Bernard, than to Mayor Ray McCarthy, who sat in the middle of a sea of empty seats next to Councilman Bernard Hamilton.

The only heckling during the forum came after Ruane delivered a blistering attack on several of McCarthy's policies. "Well read!" was the Mayor's loud retort.

The last 45 minutes of the Forum was devoted to questions from a long line of attendees (photo at left). Time limitations prevented several residents from getting their question asked. Unlike most recent such forums in Bloomfield, there was no local TV coverage available. A brief video clip can be found on YouTube.

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