Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Era at Board of Ed

Tuesday's Bloomfield Board of Education meeting made history on several fronts. The seismic shift in control after April's election sweep led to the election of a new President, Mary Shaughnessy. (Click on photos to enlarge) In her opening remarks, Shaughnessy promised "to make this the best and most high functioning Board that Bloomfield has ever had."
Perhaps sensing a change in the receptiveness of the new BOE majority, John Shanagher, the head of the teachers union(at right), mobilized a record number of teachers and students to bolster his case. The room overflowed with attendees attentively soaking up every word. Another hundred or so stood in the halls picking up the highlights in a quiet relay of whispers.
A disappointing element was the lack of customary TV Coverage for the most dramatic early part of the meeting. I shot a few clips, which will be posted on Youtube ASAP. Until then, check out the sample below..

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