Wednesday, July 04, 2012

It Always Rains On Bloomfield...

...except when it doesn't. Most towns in NJ and NY maintained their 4th of July plans -- including fireworks. (Still unaware of any other postponements in the area) We happened to pass by the GR Golf Club and enjoyed the climatic conclusion of their show from the lower depths of Broad Street. Seemed like the perfect metaphor for our town's dysfunctional government. Most of our neighboring towns also have a town pool and/or rec center as well as thriving downtowns. This was posted on the NJ Bloomfield Forum site by "byebyebloomfield":
I just don't get it: weather is perfect, everyone is off today, BBQing, celebrating having parties and waiting for the fireworks. Well the whole horizon of the sky lit up, all surrounding towns as ususal having their display, but not Bloomfield. No one knew anything, confusion and disapointment. And just hours earlier a police display sign at Hoover and JFK informend us that we are having fireworks tonight! Cruel joke I guess. I also start to believe in all af those posts below stating how screwed up this town really is!
In fairness, our Rec Department has done a superb job of producing some memorable events in our town -- especially in this Bicentennial year. However, celebrating the 4th on the 5th just won't be the same.

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