Saturday, July 21, 2012

Parking and Traffic Issues Up for Debate at Key Meetings

Key votes in next week's Town Council and Planning Board meetings may both turn out to be decisive in Bloomfield's redevelopment plans. Monday night's biggest council meeting question is whether to keep feeding the PA meter or knock it down -- along with redevelopment plans. Among a long list of items on Monday's conference agenda are proposals that may lead to either increased borrowing for the town's fledgling Parking Authority or it's abolition.

At Tuesday"s Planning Board Meeting, the 225 Belleville's traffic expert is expected to make his case that 332 new apartments (with over 600 more cars) will not significantly complicate the traffic flow on Belleville Avenue. It's possible that this will be the last opportunity for the public to question the experts and state their opposition to the development before the Planning Board votes on the application.

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