Saturday, September 08, 2012

Memphis Forum Now Online at WBMA-TV

Thursday's extraordinary "forum" on the current status of Memphis can now be seen in it's entirety online thanks to WBMA-TV.  This may mark the first time Bloomfield's Station has covered a Board of
Health event. Trainer Jim Crosby's assessment of Memphis's prospects for adoption with additional training helped answer many lingering questions that were left hanging during the last Board of Health meeting in August.

The ultimate irony was seeing Michael Fitzpatrick turn the meeting into a fund raising plea to everyone in attendance and watching on WBMA. In other words, he wants us to pay the Board of Health for the consequences of their decisions; decisions that included firing dozens of invaluable volunteers and separating Memphis from Jeff.  Not to mention the hiring of a poorly trained convicted felon who abused Memphis as a VetTech.  Witnesses to such abuse have been let go while the abusers remain at the shelter.

Lore's insistance on only answering written questions let her to refuse to address many more questions on shelter issues and the contract terms that let to the dog being ordered back. When Fitzpatrick said he didn't have a copy available to refer to, many in the audience offered to supply one -- including Jeff who politely raised his hand. At this point, Lore declared the meeting over, and Jeff served her with the first package of his lawsuit  documents.

To most of the 28,000 animal lovers who signed the petition, continuing to lock up Memphis was an irrational decision borne of spite and insecurity.

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Patricia Gilleran said...

Elias Chalet should have demanded that his name tage be removed!