Thursday, September 06, 2012

Special Forum on Memphis Tonight --- ABC News Coverage

This has been a week of major developments on the Memphis issue.
Bloomfield township has just announced a PUBLIC PRESENTATION section on their main website (NOT the animal shelter site) saying public forum will be held Thursday night.

At Tuesday's town council meeting, the mayor announced that the Board of Health had hired a new nationally known dog trainer,Jim Crosby of Jacksonville, Florida, to evaluate Memphis. There were many public comments by residents including Jeff Coltenback. The Bloomfield Patch published close up video clips as well as stills of the meeting highlights.  The official video of the entire meeting is now online.

 Last night, the bare essentials of the hastily scheduled meeting were posted on the town website -- not on the Main township page but an ancillary Public Notice tab -- the meeting on Memphis is tonight 6pm-8pm Town in Council Chambers. Crosby plans to explain the results of his findings to the public and town council.
"Animal Shelter Public Presentation Evaluation Forum for Memphis 9/06/12 6-8pm 
Council Chambers"
His petition has passed the 27,000 mark.

He now has fully funded legal representation by The Lexis Project.

ABC News 7 has just taped a report for its "7 on Your Side" series to be broadcast either Thursday or Friday at 5.

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