Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Board of Health Agrees to Give Memphis to Jeff

Mondays Town Council Conference meeting opened and closed in closed session. In between was a revealing period of public comments concerning mushrooming revelations of improprieties within the Health Department, the Bloomfield Animal Shelter, and Neighbor to Neighbor Network(NtNN).

The initial closed session focused on NtNN Director Karen Lore's proposed negotiation with her BOH counterpart to take over full control of the Shelter.
When the public session resumed,  Mayor McCarthy that a decision had been made to make no decision and keep the status quo until at least January regarding the  shelter. Nothing was announced about what was discussed in the 2nd closed session, but 24 hours later Jeff Coltenback went on Facebook to break the stunning news that the BOH had agreed to a framework for ultimately letting him adopt Memphis when his South Dakota trainer certified that he was ready to be released.

No word yet as to when or how the BOH took control back from NtNN. While all this is going on,
I clicked on a Bloomfield link on Facebook and was greeted by profile photos of my top 5 friends(click on graphic to enlarge). Coincidence?

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