Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bloomfield Neighborhood Association to Meet Saturday

The Bloomfield Neighborhood Association Committee was originally established in 1997 to provide a forum for neighborhood groups to meet with Bloomfield's Mayor and to discuss issues affecting neighborhoods as well as townwide concerns.

It is a loosely organized grassroots network of Bloomfield residents which meets to share the interests and concerns of Bloomfield residents. Anyone can attend meetings. It has usually met in the Mayor's Conference room,  but as it has grown, moved many of its bi-monthly meetings to the larger venues.

No one could remember a time when the current Mayor participated, but we've met with most other town leaders, including, the Police Chief, Fire Chief, Assessor and Town Administrator. As a non-partison forum, the BNAC was able to host Candidate's Nights at Bloomfield College's Van Fossan Hall before most local elections.

The group is meeting at 10 AM Saturday in the 2nd floor Mayor's Conference room in the Police Building.

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