Monday, February 25, 2013

License to Bill

Bloomfield's Health Department has gained a great deal of notoriety in the past year for the way it has treated it's animal shelter, its adoptions, it's staff and its volunteers. This Friday, our new Township Administrator takes over full control from the quasi-independent Board of Health. At the same time, other incidents of malfeasance by the Health Department are coming under scrutiny. We've been getting reports from a variety of businesses in town that they're now being given the runaround on what should be routine license renewals.
One business owner writes:
I received a letter from the BOH for my (business) stating Second and Final notice to renew license. Include $30 plus $25. late fee. I mailed form and the $30 stating this was the First and ONLY notice I received.. Well they sent it back to me stating they can't accept it without the late fee. Just got off the phone with boh and they said if fee is not included, a summons will be issued...They are not responsible for the first letter not reaching me. If they waive the fee for me, they have to waive it for the other 20+ ppl calling in. I said then maybe there was an issue with your generating of 1st letters. To end this long story.. I was told told to take it up with Karen lore. Wonderful!!! Ughh.. It's just the principle of it!!!! Right??
Another reported that they had brought the bill to Town Hall and paid in person -- only to receive another bill several days later. Business owners and residents alike have been told there "may be a glitch in the system".
We also know pet owners who have spoken out on the Memphis issue who have been fined for "late payments" on licenses that were not overdue,

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