Friday, March 09, 2012

Breaking News on Floyd St Homicide -- The Sopranos Redux?

When the Sopranos TV series filmed it's final scenes at Holsteins, Bloomfield became the penultimate tour bus stop for mafia fans. Most of the stops were at sites of fictional events in the series. The Floyd St, site of one of Bloomfield's rare real life killings, may soon become a DocuDrama unto itself.

It seemed strange to many locals that Bloomfield Police were not forthcoming with details in February's mysterious homicide. After all, when the owner of a popular arcade becomes the first murder victim in 3 years, residents in the area had many unanswered questions.

The mystery deepened when the FBI moved in, and the victim'Verona family refused comment.
Now, The NY Daily News has weighed in with new information suggesting that the killer and the victim may both have been mob informers. One of their sources is an intriguing website called Gangland News.

The latest news of an arrest of a Plainfield resident add new twists to the case.

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