Thursday, March 08, 2012

Foley's Felis 50 This Sunday

Before it was ever a charitable event or a can-drive, the FELIS 50 was created as an opportunity for inspirational people: administrators, representatives, first-responders, to do something inspirational in full view of their constituents. To show their town what they're made of...An appreciation for the benefits of fitness, an appreciation for the joy of group activity, an appreciation for the power of charity.

Bloomfield resident Steve Crooks, who manages the event, hopes to break his personal record: "Anyone could see that these things are essential building-blocks of character in young people, " he says." Bloomfield Superintendent Bing certainly sees it. And for this year's FELIS 50, he's helping me carry the weight of promoting this event throughout the school system as part of his wellness initiative! Bravo!"

Crooks reminded potential spectators and participants alike of the charities involved; "You can drop off a ton of cans, and that's good. But it's not enough. You can write a big ol' check, and that's great, but it's not enough. Because cans alone aren't inspirational, and checks alone aren't inspirational. We need bodies on game day; students, teachers, councilmen, firemen, policemen, everyone. Bodies in motion, bodies in action. Because that's exactly what fitness is!"

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