Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bloomfield's Takes Control of It's Newest Park

It's official. Today, Bloomfield took full control of the Copeck/Ruvio/DeSimone site on Liongate. The property is in a floodplain and defined by water on two sides with the Third River on the east and Spring Brook on the west. Par Gilleran, Vice-Chair of the Open Space Trust fund Committee reflected on the 12 year long battle:
Councilman Nick Joanow amd the Third Riverbank Committee were the driving force that kept this project going. Many residents worked very hard to create the Bloomfield Open Space Trust Fund Committee and many committee members have worked for years on this project. Lois Ross, Mary Shaughnessy, and Susan Hebert come to mind immediately
The township has hired Tim Delorm of Terra Noble Design in Glen Ridge to design the park and oversee the remediation to bring this land back to a natural state.
The section above doesn't look like much now, but soon, the weeds will be pulled, the cyclone fences will come down, and environmentaly friendly landscaping will open the 5.7 acre space to residents for Passive Recreation. The surviving trees will be left in their wild state.

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Patricia Gilleran said...

The Town has hired Tim Delorm of Terra Noble to oversee the desin and remediation of the soon to be natural park

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