Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BOE Discusses Overcrowding Issues and New Adult School

Last night's Board of Education meeting led off with Bloomfield High School teacher Anthony Todaro presentin his framework for for a new adult school utilizing BHS facilities. There was much discussion on how to accomodate the projected increase in the student population in the immediate future. Brookdale has taken a number of school choice transfer students. The BOE approved funds to move their library to create more classroom space.
Benjamin Morse summarized the discussion:
There's no more school choice in Bloomfield. NJ schools are able to opt out of that. Maybe it was a waiver--they are going to use a different standard going forward. There will be no more busing for existing students who moved to different schools. If a child has already moved to a different school, he/she will be allowed to stay but that will not be grounds for allowing siblings to move to the same school.
Brookdale is going to "add" a classroom by redoing an old unused room in the basement of the school. Not sure if it was an old gym or not. There are a number of possibilities on the table for getting more classroom space in the district. The one I liked was possibly leasing space in the Essex County academy acroos from the Bottle King. They would possibly make that a 6tth grade only school and make the middle school just 7 & 8th grade.
Boe President Mary Shaughnessy concluded by encouraging all parents to attend an education town hall and panel discussion on Tuesday, June 12 at 7PM at The BHS auditorium. The forum will examine how the proposed state budget will impact public schools. The panel will feature Senator Ronald Rice, Assembly members Ralph Caputo, Mila Jasey and Cleopatra Tucker, Ray Pinney of the New Jersey School Boards Association, and Julia Sass Rubin of Save Our Schools NJ.

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