Monday, May 14, 2012

"Save Bloomfield Now" Group Alerts Residents to Planning Board Meeting

On Saturday a couple of dozen local residents got together at Bloomfield College to discuss the implications of the 4 largest residential developments that are confronting the Bloomfield planners. In order of magnitude,they are:

 1) 350 Apartments ar Oakes Pond at 225 Belleville Ave.

 2) 315 Apartments at the former Hartz Mountain Factory site.

 3) 215 Apartments as part of the Downtown Redevelopment plans.

 4) 104 Condominiums at the former Scientific Glass site.

The non-partison group plans to continue updating residents on the true impact of planned developments on Bloomfield's quality of life as well as alerting state agencies such as the NJDEP on environmental issues that need to be addressed.
A special Planning Board meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday night to begin a discussion of issues concerning the 225 Belleville site. More info can be found here and on their Facebook Page.

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