Tuesday, October 02, 2012

BOH Rebuffs Council Efforts to Resolve Memphis Issue

Much has transpired in the week since the Council voted unanimously to urge all the attorneys involved in the Memphis lawsuit to reach a positive outcome that would return Memphis to Jeff Coltenback:

 1. The BOH has reiterated their version of events -- with too many misstatements to go into here -- and told the council it has no authority over them.
2. The BOH attorney has taken to the internet to further misrepresent the situation. Basically claiming that the Lexis Attorney is now on Ricci's side, and blaming Jeff for scaring alternative trainers away, but suggesting that their undisclosed new trainer is successfully re-educating Memphis at their undisclosed location for adoption by an undisclosed family to be named later.
3. Ricci has closed down his e-mail and Facebook site and refused to participate in any serious discussions with other attorneys.
4. The intake report on Memphis's arrival at our shelter was finally released, through Opra, showing that he was originally characterized as NON- Aggressive.
5 The ACO officer who originally caught and gave Memphis his name, has come forth with a chronology of events that belies many of Karen Lore's statements on the case. Moira may have been fired for staying within Health Department channels and spelling out truths that did not corroborate Lore's agenda.
6. Our Board of Health is still advertising online for another Animal control officer to replace Moira.
7. The shelter has announced that it is returning to it's old hours of 1 to 4 every day.
8. The largest of several petitions to free Memphis has hit 40,000 signatures.
9. The first legal hearing on the Lexis lawsuit against Bloomfield has been rescheduled to November 9. 10. Hundreds of Memphis supporters turned out to support the return of the dog to Jeff and Diana Coltenback.

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