Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Power Plays for Those of Us Still in the Dark

Sandy has been a life changing experience for we digitally dependent folks who are constantly checking our emails and Facebook updates. Much of Bloomfield was shrouded in darkness Monday night by falling trees and power lines. After initially being reassured by PSE&G that our power would be back in 45 minutes"at 7:59PM," a second call yielded an update that suggested an expectation of  7 days or more.
Blackouts were haphazard south of Bay, but nearly universal north of Bay. Most of our friends and neighbors were in the same boar, but were were finally able to at leas charge our dead phone Tuesday night. Hearing that the Bloomfield Library would reopen on Wednesday, we were first in line. Their 8 computer stations filled up very quickly, (and they may close early today) so here are some alternatives:

 Montclair's library on S.Fullerton has many more outlets(and free parking next door) but a higher percentage of blacked out patrons(80%). Montclair's YMCA and Town Council Chambers are also open to those looking for juice. We don't believe they check for ID, but if it gets crowded they may. Starbucks and Paneras have also just reopened.

Clifton's Allwood Library is also a good prospect, but call first to verify their hours(Clifton Commons was totally dark except for generator-enhanced Stop-N Shop) .

Whole Foods in West Orange is actually inviting folks to plug in.

PSE&G has updated its twitter page for fast moving progress reports.Stay tuned and plugged:

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