Friday, November 02, 2012

Sandy Survival Contact Info.

The biggest problem for most of us, besides power outages, are the increasingly long lines for gas. Prices have spiked up again, but there are limits and regulations concerning how much and how often.In, NJ, the limit is 10% although a few suggest that there should be no limits.

Here's an interactive map of some stations that may be more up to date then any we could list here.

Here's the number to report any obvious price gouging: (800) 242-5846.

Along with the library, Civic Center is now open for device charging and internet access.

The Bloomfield Parking Authority has announced that it will suspend the ticketing of meters through at least today and probably Saturday.

The High School band festival at Foley field has been delayed a week until November 10.

Bloomfield's Press Conference on Sandy's aftermath is here:

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