Friday, November 09, 2012

Coltenbacks Dismiss Dismissal of Memphis Lawsuit

At Friday morning's Superior Court hearing in Newark, Judge Walter Koprowski dismissed the $1 million lawsuit involving Memphis, the Bloomfield pit bull. An appeal is under consideration. The Coltenbacks released the following statement:
We are disappointed but definitely not discouraged. We have no regrets for fighting for Memphis. And, we have every intention of continuing to do so. We are not going anywhere. This morning's outcome is just a bump in the road. We look forward to seeing many of you at Just Jakes tomorrow and we greatly appreciate your continued support. We will continue to keep you posted on the next steps... Rest assured, this is not over!!i
- Jeff & Diana Coltenback

 Danielle Loffredo shared her impressions of today's hearing in General Equity Superior Court in Newark:
The judge, in my opinion, clearly seemed to sympathize with pet owners and the fact that they are much more than personal property. He was so positive that it didn't seem evident which direction he was moving towards. However he ruled there was no standing because the statute defines that the trust must be on behalf of the owners which is solely the BOH; not The Lexus Project or Jeff.
After two months of secrecy, it was finally revealed that Memphis has been relocated to a sanctuary in South Dakota. Where in South Dakota. The only rescue sanctuary we can locate dedicated to Pit Bulls is the Pit Rescue of The Great Plains group located in Sioux Falls. They may have changed their name and focus since their website has shut down and this is the only link we can find for them as of today. It raises several new questions:

How was the South Dakota rescue group chosen and by who? Why the need to conceal this information as well as details of his training?  Was the move done by truck or plane? Was a trainer with him for reassurance?

None of the promised updates ever came from BOH.  Did they know any of the key details when they all voted on the move?  Who is really paying for all this?  What else is our Health Department trying to hide?


Danielle Arroya said...

This is an outrage. The goal of both the BOH and the shelter should be to place animals in loving homea. The Coltenbacks are more than qualified and very loving. Millions of animals die waiting for forever homes. Memphis is being denied of that and for no reason. Well maybe there is a reason, maybe they want to be right...maybe right fighters shouldn't be aloud to control the faith of innocent animals.
-Danielle Arroya

Kay said...

This is a terrible and unfair situation. There is no reason for this to have gone this far. I can not understand why the Board of Health would not adopt Memphis to the Coltenbacks. They are more than qualified to take care of Memphis. The only reason is spite at this point. The Board of Health is treating its townspeople unfairly and have not listened to their constant pleas to resolve this and to get an update on Memphis. I myself listened to thr Ask Sue radio show and heard Mr. Fitzpatrick from the BOH agree to get updated photos and or video of Memphis and he never did.

Kay said...
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watcher said...

Appears the BOH only care about themselves, certainly NEVER about Memphis..lies upon lies as it sadly appears their only goal is to spend as much taxpayor's money as they can refusing to allow the Coltenbacks to adopt him. They are petty, and are not only doing Memphis a HUGE disservice, but are making Bloomfield a laughing stock w/an inept council that wrings their hands & laments over their lack of power. Impossible that the BOH answers to no one-and it's more than obvious they care nothing about the will of the people, the BOH basically is giving the entire town the finger & getting away with it.