Thursday, July 04, 2013

Bloomfield's Biggest Little July 4th Parade

Montclair may have the biggest Fourth of July parade in Essex County, but Bloomfield has the cutest, shortest, littlest, and most unique. It has become an annual tradition for The Clark Avenue Crew -- a neighborhood association formed by local resident Mark Sceurman of Weird New Jersey fame and assisted by family members Leo and Michael Sceurman.

Clark Avenue was added to the township 85 years ago to accomodate workers at the bustling Clark Thread Company, which was then located at the end of what is now Liongate Drive. It runs barely two blocks between the Third River and Bay St., parallel to Lakewood and Broad. Despite the small size of the neighborhood, its Facebook page has been followed by over 110 past and present area friends. It could be a model for block associations in other parts of Bloomfield.

The celebration actually starts on the evening of July 3rd with their legendary Bikes and Trikes Parade which circles around the sidewalks just south of Augustus Street(click on photo to enlarge). This year, the parade was led by it's Grand Marshal, Jack McMahon. It was followed by a pot luck barbecue organized by Sarah Johnson and a dip in a neighbor's in ground pool.

Leo Sceurman, who volunteers on the Zoning Board and attends most Council meetings, had this comment on the evolution of a successfull block association:
The Sceurman family has lived in Bloomfield over 100 years and Clark Ave for 64 years but it is our neighbors that make Clark Avenue what it is today. Clark Avenue Crew was started on Facebook because of our annual block parties and to keep neighbors informed on what happening on the street. The "Crew" each year collects money at the block party and donates it to charitable Bloomfield cause. It's knowing your neighbors that make Clark Avenue one of the BEST streets in Bloomfield.
The next National Night Out, on August 6th, offers a great opportunity for neighbors to initiate or reinvigorate block watches as well as block associations.

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