Sunday, July 14, 2013

When No News is News

There seems to be a media blackout on what is becoming a major crime wave involving an auto theft ring in the area. The latest event happened Saturday night at the popular Bella Napoli Restaurant at 1640 Broad St. At least 3 high end cars were stolen in an obviously well planned robbery by a gang of 4 or 5 perpetrators. Despite the loss of perhaps millions of dollars worth of luxury vehicles in northern NJ, the businesses and valet servies are naturally afraid of losing customers, so the media is silent  -- perhaps wanting to keep their ad revenue --and the organized gangs behind the thefts continue to roam free.

36 hours after it was first reported on two Facebook forums, there is still nothing to report in the Star Ledger's web site,, Baristanet, or the Bloomfield Patch.
Here are some facts supplied by NJ Tomato press editor Diane Lilli, residents. and patrons:
Roger Miliote I happened too be driving by there shortly before the poat here and there were 6 police cars there

UPDATE :  No carjacking in Bloomfield but numerous (3?) cars stolen from Bella Napoli lot; all had been valet parked. Last night. No people taken though - under investigation. Diane,

Carolyn DeCastro well, isnt that nice. They insist that you valet park and then cars get stolen. What were the valets doing while these cars were being stolen. hummmm

Jeanne Talamini DuChemin There have been a lot of carjackings/thefts from restaurants in the area...with valet parking. The insurance companies (this is where my husband gets involved) have been aware of it over the past few months. They target restaurants with valets in suburban areas...there's a whole gang of them! .....Different valet services do it differently. Some take the keys & put them on a board. Some leave them in the car..... Bella Napoli is a prime location for this...just go out to Broad & make a left...right down to Rt. 3 for a quick get away! And yes, Walt Richert, they go right to Newark onto container ships to countries all over the world.

Donato DiGeronimo They put a gun to the attendent's chest, took the keys from the board and stole 4 cars.

Walt Richert Lol! Don't laugh too hardy Jeanne - several Volvo station wagons with the Montclair Beach Club oval have been spotted in Tirana sellling 10 day old goat cheese

Perhaps if there was more media coverage of such crimes, more precautions could be taken by potential victims.
 More updates can be found here:

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