Friday, July 19, 2013

New Push for Township to Purchase Scientific Glass Site

This notice was just received by 2nd Ward Councilman Nick Joanow:

On the Bloomfield Town Council Agenda for Monday, July 22 Resolution for the governing body to direct our legal department to initiate negotiations for the purchase of this site. If the township is able to acquire the property, a number of important issues would be minimized or eliminated.

Currently the township is 98% developed - purchasing this property would provide recreational opportunities as well as other amenities that are desperately needed by our residents. The property known as the Scientific Glass/Liongate, off Broad Street opposite Glen Ridge Parkway has been recently sold to yet another developer.  
The developer’s proposal to construct 104 town houses is particularly disturbing as this site has a pre-existing problems with flooding and serious river bank erosion for those homeowners and businesses who border the Third river. In addition to flooding there are school related issues that will negatively impact all residents in this community. This development will severely impact our quality of life and negatively influence our property values.  
With 104 townhouses ranging in size from 1500 to 2100 square feet per unit the potential for a substantial number of new children attending our local schools is significant. With all of our schools north of Bay Avenue at full capacity, the only options available would be redistricting or trailers, either of which would further jeopardize real estate values. Presently, all students from this development would be directed to Brookdale school.  

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