Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Covering the News

The cover photos on last week's Bloomfield newsweeklies were a study in contrasts, reflecting each paper's publishing model. The Independent Press still has the largest circulation, reflecting its traditional status as the "paper of record" -- where all the legal ads were required to be buried. Only last month, the council voted unanimously to move its ad budget to Blife, so they may soon catch up. In an effort By its Worrall Publisher to economize, The Press has grown more distant from township issues -- rarely editorializing and eliminating such niceties as letters to the editor. With a strong online presence via its North Jersey Media publisher, Blife was the first to add color and invite residents to write extended Op Ed articles. The one saving grace of the Press is that they still manage to keep most of their stories on one page. Full disclosure: I once freelanced for North Jersey Media, but strongly believe having two weekly papers in Bloomfield is a great benefit for all residents. I still pickup both papers, but often check for Shoprite coupons before buying The Press.
If only they would bring back that editorial page...,

Bloomfield Life: circulation 1,946
Independent Press of Bloomfield: circulation 3,000-4000 86,000 website visitors/month

Newark Star-Ledger 210,586

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