Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Open Letter from A Third Warder

The following was sent from a friend to their new Third Ward Councilman:
Our few remaining business owners along Bloomfield Avenue, near the torn-down buildings of the “redevelopment center” are totally demoralized. Yesterday afternoon I was purchasing some items from one of the merchants located in the center of town, along Bloomfield Avenue, when he informed me that he was planning to close shop in about a year. He told me that he and all the other small merchants were totally fed up with the town because nothing has been done in more than 10 years, and that nothing, in his opinion, would be done because of all the lawsuits and shenanigans. He was also very angry at the fact that he pays lots of money for police and fire protection and that neither he nor any of the other merchants EVER see a police officer on foot. PLEASE bring this up with Chief Goul. I tried to convince this merchant that things will change, but he kept on telling me that we would NEVER get anything done and that there is no foot traffic other than homeless individuals, panhandlers, and would-be thieves. I was very disappointed to hear how he and other merchants feel about our town, but I understand perfectly the reason for his frustration.

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