Friday, January 13, 2012

Suggestion for Filtering Bloomfield Water

As of this evening, there have been no updates from the town on the contamination issues mentioned in our last post, but Baristanet's publication of the alert has provoked many comments from residents. Tuesday's council agenda has no mention of the issue, but the public comment portion of the meeting may well see some fireworks.

Jane Calif, former head of Bloomfield's Recycling Committee, suggests an alternative to both tap water and bottled water:

I have had a Multi-Pure filter on my sink for a number of years. It is one of the best. You can read about it at their website. It takes out the most pollutants that could possibly be in your water including the one listed in the Bloomfield Water Dept. report: trihalomethanes - which is a by-product of chlorine.

I do not believe in bottled water. There have been studies which show there are brands which are simply bottled from municipal water supplies and not from pristine springs as they advertise. There have been pollutants found in such water. Bottled water that is in plastic has been found to have leached chemicals from the plastic into the water, especially if they have been heated such as being left in a hot car or in the sun. Aquifers have been lowered by companies sucking up the water to bottle it or for production of sodas. This has compromised the water systems in countries such as India where farmers who are already facing drought, find less water in the water table due in part to water extraction by companies. Their farming has been very negatively affected.

The whole idea of paying for water that we used to get for free is a way for big corporations to make money off of what should be a right - clean water. There has to be a way to have clean water in our homes without, for ex., using so much chlorine, resulting in by-products that may put our health in danger....


There are also less expensive options that will help.

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