Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Joint Fire Deal With Glen Ridge Goes Up in Smoke

Breaking news from from Bloomfield Life:
Bloomfield officials and its fire union president were shocked Tuesday morning to learn the bid went to Montclair. Bloomfield Mayor Raymond McCarthy said it appeared Montclair was able to see Bloomfield's bid before it submitted its own.
"If you look at the bid, it's just under ours," the mayor said. "I'll say honestly, we allowed Glen Ridge to play us. I'm not happy about that. But you know, we gave it a shot."
"Those are serious allegations," Montclair Mayor Jerry Fried said of McCarthy's allegation.
McCarthy "is definitely not accurate...."

1/28 update:
Baristanet did an interesting piece on the issue -- mostly from a Montclair perspective. Call it sourgrapes, but most of the many comments thought Montclair may have gotten the raw end of the deal.

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