Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sidewalking on the Wild Side

"I left for work in the morning and I had a sidewalk. When I came home, the sidewalk was gone," Rosemary Ceracchio says.
The Bloomfield homeowner was shocked to find the sidewalk she'd recently paid $1,300 to fix was completely ripped up. She called Mayor MaCarthy's office and said, "Someone stole my sidewalk."
The "thief" turned out to be a contractor working for Bloomfield's Engineer, Paul Lasek. The contractor ripped out the new sidewalk.

Last August, Ceracchio's home owner's insurance company inspected her property and cited her for cracked front walks. She was told that she had 30 days to fix the problem or potentially lose her insurance.

Four months later, the city sent the crew without notifying Ceracchio.
The town said it was Ceracchio's fault for not contacting the city that her sidewalk no longer needed repair.
After Arnold Diaz, the "Shame on You" reporter at Fox 5 News, contacted the town about the issue (neither Lasek, or any town representative would go on camera), a new sidewalk was quickly poured. Ceracchio is glad to have a sidewalk again, but she was sorry that she had to shell out the $1,300 when she could have had the repairs for free.

The way things have been going in town lately, Shame on You may soon have Bloomfield on speed-dial.

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